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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Black Vinyl Mirrors

The world of indie and electronic - that I like to call electrindie - has once again joined forces to combat a song that has definitely dominated my stereo for the past year. The Arcade Fire in all of their innovative promotional madness have recently announced a remix "contest" for their first single, "Black Mirror." The song tracks have already been isolated for you and are being hosted by where you can also find the incredible new interactive video for the song directed by Olivier Groulx and Tracy Maurice. Maryland's Oh Snap!!, who we learned about from JoeeIrwin on IHEARTCOMIX the other day, was quick on the game and has already posted his remix which you can check out on his MySpace.

Here are some of the isolated tracks, forgive me if I don't know exactly what the instrumentation is.

Arcade Fire - Black Mirror (acapella)
Arcade Fire - Black Mirror (drums)
Arcade Fire - Black Mirror (i have no idea what this is)
Arcade Fire - Black Mirror (guitar, violin and keys)
Arcade Fire - Black Mirror (very eerie reverb)
Arcade Fire - Black Mirror (orchestra)
Arcade Fire - Black Mirror (full song)

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