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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dan Deacon at The El Rey

The El Rey in Los Angeles, California had a buzz Tuesday night that yearned for Dan Deacon. Abe Vigoda, a band of students from East L.A. opened the show followed by local experimental four-piece, Health. After Health set the mood for the rest of the night the Wham City collective of artists that make Ultimate Reality took stage. A massive video montage of Arnold Schwarzenegger created by Jimmy Joe Roche was projected onto the stage as drummers from Videohippo and Ponytail played along to a composition created by Danny boy himself.
The King of analog finally revealed himself armed with a blue iPod shuffle and a rare collection of second hand big kid toys like a signal generator, pitch shift harmonizer and plenty of other goodie bag treats that you have never heard of. After some starting difficulties that no one minded Deacon began building his set, one crowd-pleaser after another, of just great music. The night consisted of new music from the forthcoming album and double-D classics that all led up to his always anticipated sing-a-long, "Silence Like The Wind Overtakes Me." It is experiencing a Dan Deacon show like this one that you see just how hard he works, how bright he is and leaves you wondering just what he could possibly compose next. Beginning as an east coast gem to touring with Girl Talk last year and now becoming a headlining act across the globe, the indie calendar will forever declare 2008 as the year of the trippy green skull.

-Noah Klein

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