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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hi. How Are You?

This was to be my first post on the IHEARTCOMIX site/blog. It didn't work out in that way so I am posting it here exactly as it was to be there.

So this being my first post it took some consideration on what I wanted to write about first. I thought about the new Hot Chip CD, doing a piece on PJ the Viking, and even heavily flirted with the idea of publicly declaring my love for Scarlett Johanson’s forthcoming CD. All of those sounded great until I turned on my iPod and heard the glory of what is called [Post-Foetus], a young musician making his own path in the Los Angeles music scene.

Having just graduated from the Hamilton High School Music Academy in June, Will Wiesenfeld under the moniker of [Post-Foetus] has been developing a unique experimental sound for at least the past two years that I’ve known him. Without going into a load of sycophantic bullshit I’ll just honestly say that this kid has talent so if you live in the L.A. area try to catch him live, he does not disappoint.

[Post-Foetus] - .(3) Glück

Nice to meet you all.

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