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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jeremy Enigk at the Troubadour

I have always been a big fan of Jeremy Enigk. You might know him better from his first band SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE (if you are lost click the link. If you like what you hear you should download this album. The first time I saw Jeremy was about a year and a half ago at the Troubadour and I honestly thought it was one of the best performances I had ever seen. He had a great band and every song was full of energy. When Jeremy Enigk came out tonight he came out alone. Although the performace was incredibly passionate alot of it didn't stand up with out a band and what was once a full flowing texture was turned a little self indulgent. Unless you are a hard core Jeremy Enigk fan which most are, This concert wouldn't make sense. I still suggest all his old work including his two earlier solo albums and The Fire Theft as well as seeing him but before you do make sure he has a backing band...

Cameron Rath

You misspelled his name (Engik?)

Vicki Enigk
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