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Friday, February 29, 2008

Fantasy DJing

Alright, so I've been thinking and at this particular moment I'd say that my three favorite remixers are Diplo, DJ Sega and XXXChange although I'm positive that I'm leaving some very important people out. In addition to that I'd say that my DJ hero would be Franki Chan and Diplo in second. If there was a fantasy DJ/remix artist site then that would be my all-star line-up. In honor of this friday night with Anamanaguchi playing all weekend long, I'll give you something that we all love - a little M.I.A. "Paper Planes" action with a remix by DJ Sega.

M.I.A. - Paper Planes (DJ Sega Philly Club Remix)

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Barack Fire

Arcade Fire just announced that they will be playing two free shows in support of Obama. One in Nelsonville, Ohio on March 2nd and one at Beachland Ballroom in
Cleveland on Monday, March 3rd. Those of you that live there, have fun!


FMLY Presents!

FMLY bands The Histories and Meals for Children will join FMLY friends Canon at the Troubadour on March 14. We will be handing out FMLY posters and there will be surprises there waiting for you. You can buy tickets for the show here and here.

Canon - Renaissance

The Histories - Family of Ghosts

Meals for Children - Modge, The Apartment


Thursday, February 28, 2008

FMLY on Brooklyn Vegan, New Grizzly Bear

HypeMachine rated number 4 biggest hypem registered music blog IN THE WORLD, Brooklyn Vegan, dropped the FMLY name the night of the Grammys. Yeah, that's right, Brooklyn Vegan reads FMLY like it's the fucking bible on armageddon. You're in the know folks! Click here to check it out just underneath the inactive video that they thanked us for...suckers!

In other news, one of my favorite bands, Grizzly Bear, joined Nic Harcourt on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic. Among playing a full set of fantastic GB songs, they managed to break a new one out titled "While You Wait For The Others." I sounds fucking incredible. I know that this has been on everyone and their mom's blog but it's a band I fucking love so put up with my bullshit. I would have had it up first in the world if I wasn't out making the world an indier place - now I'm fighting crime from my bedroom.

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100th Anniversary Flashback! Coachella Party Sequence

Happy 100th blog post FMLY! I'd just like to say that it has been a great hundred and I'm so glad that we've spent this past month together. You guys, the readers, make it all worthwhile - I'm doin' it for you all! In honor of the occasion this weeks Flashback! Party Sequence is gonna be a special one, one that I want ALL OF YOU to make love to tomorrow night while you think of me. That's right, Rolling Stone cover boys The Verve! I guess this post can also fall under a Get To Know Your Coachella making this even more special. As you can see, we've added a new BLGR, Alex Levin, given our page a bit of a facelift and made a super cool jpg, feel free to post it on your MySpace if you read this blog and let others know that you're part of the FMLY!

The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

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New Animal Collective

The new Animal Collective EP, Water Curses, is due May 6 via Domino. The first three tracks were produced during the same recording of one of my favorite albums of last year, Strawberry Jam and the final track on the four-track EP was recorded at Nicolas Vernhes' Rare Book Room Studio. You can check out Animal Collective at Coachella on their second run through the festival or at Jersey's All Points West.

Tracklisting for Water Curses:

01. Water Curses
02. Street Flash
03. Cobwebs
04. Seal Eyeing

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A-Punk Video

As you probably know by now, we're into Vampire Weekend. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found this A-Punk music video that I hadn't seen. I hope you enjoy!


Santogold goes XXX

Alright, so this is what I posted on iheartcomix this morning but first I'd just like to mention something that I forgot to on there. I have not been this moved by a song in such a long time, let alone a remix. As far as highly recommended goes - this is as high as I'm gonna get with Cameron and Jonah Hill at Coachella.


Ms. Santogold is hot Hot HOT and her fire has proved no end with the XXXChange remix of the undeniable sensation that is "L.E.S. Artistes." As you know, XXXChange is Spank Rock's producer and has been delivering flawless work throughout his career. His perspective on "L.E.S. Artistes" is simply a beautiful abstraction of what was already near perfection. We all have music that we cry to, well finally it has come, this is the remix that we can get all emo about and weep our hearts out to - thanks Santi. All of the closet Enya and Seal fans, like myself, are gonna eat this shit up!

Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes (XXXChange remix)

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kap10kurt's Dangerseeking Video

Yo, so Kap10kurt dropped this sick new video for his undeniable hit, "Dangerseekers," which has become a quick favorite of mine since its release. The video was made by the French video collective, The Holograms -Imagine a CGI Batman meets Transformers, real old school but into the future.

The synopsis: In a world full of danger, where music is banned by an evil militia, Kap10Kurt, an easy-going hero, helped by his sexy mate Leah, will blow up this Machiavellian conspiracy....

"Dangerseekers" is out now on iTunes USA, Beatport and physically at Turntable Lab.


Little Radio SXSW Party

Over at Little Radio, the set times for the three day SXSW party were announced and I have to say I am pretty excited. If you are one of the unlucky people who aren't going (including myself) don't get down, you can watch all of the three day party online with streaming audio and video.

Again, the important details are that this is a free party presented by Little Radio, Noise Pop and Wolfgangs Vault, (no rsvp, badges or wristbands required) and there is free beer and bloody marys starting each day at 11am at the Red Eyed Fly (715 Red River). There will be an outside stage, an inside stage, 3 bars and a VIP area in the parking lot.Everyone should plan on getting there as early as you can, because like every year, we will be at capacity quick.

WEDNESDAY - march 12

11:00 doors
11:40-12:10 BRAZOS
12:50-1:30 TOM FREUND
2:10-2:50 FOREIGN BORN
2:50-3:30 TWO GALLANTS
3:30-4:10 RESTAURANT
4:10-4:50 WHITE DENIM
4:50-5:30 DIE! DIE! DIE!

THURSDAY - march 13

11:00 doors
11:40-12:10 YELLOW FEVER
12:10-12:50 PEEL
12:50-1:30 MINIPOP
2:10-2:50 THE PITY PARTY
3:30-4:10 THE BIG SLEEP
4:50-5:30 SPINDRIFT

FRIDAY - march 14
11:00 doors
11:40-12:10 MAGIC BULLETS
12:10-12:50 LI'L CAP'N TRAVIS
12:50-1:30 ED HARCOURT
1:30-2:10 Film School
2:50-3:30 ROGUE WAVE
5:30-6:15 AUTOLUX

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Rafter's Sex, Death, Cassette

Just from glancing at the album art it is obvious that Rafter's Sex, Death, Cassette (Asthmatic Kitty) is a CD that you are one day going to listen to and you are one day going to love, so make that day now? Rafter Roberts is part of the indie band, Bunky, and when not playing in Bunky he chills with Sufjan Stevens and engineers Pinback albums. The tracks on Sex are light and fun, similar to the Magnetic Fields but with less depth. I don't know for how long this album will stand the test of time but until it falls under I'll be loving it 110%. Highly recommended for fans of The Blow, Half-Handed Cloud and Magnetic Fields.

Rafter - Love You Most Of All
Rafter - Breathing Room

Buy it here from Asthmatic Kitty.

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Mahjongg's Kontpab

Mahjongg is this really crazy talented group of musicians who give their music a "handmade" feel. I've never heard anything quite like this so I'm at a loss of words on how to describe it other than saying it sounds like the westernization of native-american music. Their sophomore album, Kontpab (K) came out Jan 22 and has since been on heavy rotation on my iTunes. Check it out, it's pretty bangin', here is probably their most mass appealing track - I think that it sounds a bit like Hot Chip.

Mahjongg - Problems

Buy the album here from Insound.

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Maxim Gets Fucked

Seriously, what credibility does Maxim have? They've really fucked themselves over after pulling this kind of shit.

The review in Maxim's March issue gives the Crowes' "Warpaint" a rating of two-and-a-half stars out of five. The band posted an exasperated statement on its Web site last week saying the Maxim writer hadn't heard the entire album because advance copies weren't available. The Crowes' manager, Pete Angelus, said the magazine explained that its review was an "educated guess." [via Yahoo]

RAPPER Nas was shocked when Maxim gave his new album, "Nigger," a 2 1/2-star review - because it isn't even finished yet. "I'm finishing the album now, and it will be out April 22," Nas told Page Six. Maxim has since apologized for the premature review, but Nas doesn't care. "I'd prefer [a review from] Playboy," the rapper said. "That kind of stuff doesn't reach my radar or effect anybody around me. I don't know what a music rating from Maxim is . . . I don't know what it even means really." Maxim also reviewed the Black Crowes' album, "War Paint," without listening to it in its entirety. [via NY Post Page Six]

Well I'm for sure not gonna support these lame-o music writers any longer, the only magazine I'll buy from now on is Nintendo Power, kickin' it old school.

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It's Good Dummy!

San Fransisco based duo The Dodos' music is anything but dumb. Their fast paced style of psych-folk-pop will continue to keep you on your toes. With blazing guitar and melodic vocals, they create an intensity that can't be ignored. Their new album Visitor is out March 8th but here is a sample from it here on FMLY.

The Dodos - Jodi


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brooklyn Poppin'

Alright, so this weekend is going to be one of my favorites show-wise. I've already given you a look at Thursday with Ninjasonik, so lets take a sneek-a-freek-a-peek-a-leek at what Friday and Saturday have to offer.


So those of you who live in LA should be familiar with Le Castle Vania, Moscow, Le Disko, Keith 2.0 and that whole scene so I'm not gonna get into it, but he's definitely one of the most most attractive DJs/electronic musicians out there, so for that alone LCV is worth checking out, my very first live DJ the Toxic Avenger remix of Tigertron by LCV mashed with the Jackson 5, fun stuff. Purple Crush hit it big every time in NYC, holding down BK - they're local heroes! Check them out when they're not only DJ'ing though. My favorites, Anamanaguchi will be opening the show so get there early, don't miss it, have a good time and get some free Sparks! Good lookin' out Big Stereo.



Owners of the loft say, "GET THERE BY 10:00!!! TROPIC OF NELSON WILL PLAY AROUND THEN!!! 5 bucks is entry with a free beer. $2 beers and $3 vodka/whiskey drinks all night."

Anamanaguchi - Helix Nebula

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Force Field at SXSW

So in the press biz, I believe that every blogger has their favorite contact - personally, mine is Daniel Gill with Force Field PR which is why he's gonna get some mad reppage in this post. Dan has been there for me countless shows successfully hooking me up with interviews and tickets, he has never flaked like so many other press contacts and he is always just a down to earth guy to speak to. Anyways, Dan reps Force Field PR and they're having one badass SXSW celebration that is FREE, ALL AGES and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. If you're attending SXSW this year, I highly recommend checking out this day party because you'll be seeing these names everywhere the rest of the year.

Wed. 3/12
Noon to 6pm
Force Field PR & Terrorbird Media present:

Emo's Main Stage

12:00 - These United States
12:45 - Evangelicals
01:30 - These New Puritans
02:15 - YACHT
03:00 - The Raveonettes
03:45 - The Mae Shi
04:30 - WHY?
05:15 - The Blow

Emo's JR.

12:15 - Laura Barrett
01:00 - Radar Bros.
01:45 - Headlights
02:30 - Bowerbirds
03:15 - Let's Go To War
04:00 - The Death Set
04:45 - Panther
05:30 - Hey Willpower

Death Set - Superzero

Force Field PR Website
Terror Bird Website

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McLovin's New Movie

In honor of this day, I am allowing you all to make your own McLovin fake IDs

What: Alright, so I found out McLovin's name and it's Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Who: It just so happens that he's filming a movie currently with Michael Cera, Jack Black, Hank Azaria and David Cross.

When: It's due out June 19, 2009

Where: It's about these two men wondering through biblical times



Monday, February 25, 2008

Stuff White People Like

If you have ever wanted to validate what white people like, this blog will do just that.

Some say this blog is racist. I say fuck you. Get a sense of humor...

Hi, How Are You?

I just got done watching The Devil and Daniel Johnston for the fourth time. Whenever I see it, I have the need to tell everyone I know about Daniel Johnston. Here is a music video for one of his songs. GO RENT THIS MOVIE TONIGHT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!

Fucking Ben Affleck

Alright, so if you haven't seen this video it is Jimmy Kimmel's revenge on Sarah Silverman for fucking Matt Damon. The song starts two minutes in but the talk before is sorta worth the watch. I can't name how many people are in this video but I'll try for as many as I can... Brad Pitt, Josh Groban, Pat Benetar, Meatloaf, Joan Jett, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel, the kid who plays McLovin', Good Charlotte, Cameron Diaz, Tim Meadows, Robin Williams, Macy Gray and I think Bruce Springstein and Pete Wentz as well. Lets see how Jennifer Garner feels about this, she's had a pretty rough 24 hours.


Cool Kids' Action Figures

I've always had the impression that The Cool Kids were a hip-hop group leaning more towards a hipster crowd but the past few months of their career have proven me wrong - they just do what they do and like what and who they like. In their new song "Action Figures," Chuck and Mikey's early 90s style is loud and clear, go Cool Kids! Check 'em out at Coachella.

The Cool Kids - Action Figures

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Ninjasonik This Thursday

FMLY friend Ninjasonik will be performing at the Market Hotel this Thursday in NYC with a local fav, Team Robespierre.
I interviewed DJ Teenwolf and Rev McFly from Ninjasonik a couple of weeks ago but in case you missed it here it is again. This is a must see weekend of fantastic local shows, I'll tell you about two more tomorrow that I definitely am not missing.

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Claim to Fame

Here's a fun band that puts just enough pop into their indie rock mix giving woeful vocals with fast paced instrumentals. What Made Milwaukee Famous is one of those bands that is slow and fast at the same time and will fit almost any mood you are in. They have opened for all kinds of fabulous bands including Arcade Fire and The Black Keys. Now it's their time to shine. Their new CD "What Doesn't Kill Us" is out March 4 but you can have a track right now.

What Made Milwakaukee Famous - Resistance St.


Gary Busey Gets Busy

So last night I watched the Oscars for literally five minutes, luckily in those five minutes I got to see Gary Busey harass Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Garner just as Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan walk by. The look on her face after Busy bearhugs her and then continues to kiss her neck is absolutely priceless. All within minutes it was proven that Garner has no idea who Busey is, Rogan and Hill just don't give a fuck and how large of a douche Seacrest really is.

Here's a clip:

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Atmosphere Makes Lemonade

Following a string of Sad Clown releases, Slug & Ant return with their 6th official studio album, "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold" (Fifth Element). Further honing their sound through non-stop writing and recording, Slug & Ant's storytelling, song-writing and musicality are at their finest. 15 tracks of brand new, solid gold material. Don't let the name fool you, there are no lemons here. Pre-order

Golden Lemons Contest:
We are excited to announce our 5 Golden Lemons Contest. We have placed a Golden Lemon in 5 "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That S*!T Gold" CD's (Deluxe Edition ONLY). If you are lucky enough to find one, you will win; 2 tickets to the show of your choice on the When Life Gives You Lemons Tour and a copy of the new "Sad Clown Bad Spring 12".

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Sunday, February 24, 2008


SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you intend to watch the move Cloverfield.

Liked Cloverfield? Made you treasure your loved ones a little bit more after watching everyone and everything die? Well now you can take that feeling away from the movie theatre and into your home with the Cloverfield Monster action-figure!!!!

Personally, I'm holding out for when Hot Topic begins selling "McLovin'" fake I.D.'s *knock on wood*.



It isn't just FMLY, The Grateful Dead and Paul Rudd that officially support Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, but some of our FMLY BNDS as well!

Here is Meals for Children's MealsMonster showing its support for Obama.

And here is Nephews showing their support as well as multi-instrumentalist Will Wiesenfeld (Nephews, [Post-Foestus]) receives a great big bear hug from Barack.

So if you're from Texas, please don't forget to vote...and make it count.

Nephews - Dakota Fanning
Meals for Children - Frozen Blood

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Victoria Bergsman's Sweet Child O' Mine

Being the GnR fan that I am I've been bumping this jam for a little bit now and it is a fantastic cover of "Sweet Child O' Mine" done by Victoria Bergsman, former lead singer of the Concretes and girl singer on the PB&J non-Grammy nominated track "Young Folks." She takes this classic into a completely new light creating a great atmosphere. Piano dominates this track with a beautiful drum track in the background, this is highly recommended. You can listen to it via her solo moniker's MySpace, Taken By Trees.

Taken By Trees - Too Young
I'll refrain from making a lame Young Folks joke.

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All Points West

All Points West is shaping up to become a very respectable festival that I'm getting pretty excited about attending. As I've previously mentioned, Radiohead will be headlining Friday and Saturday night. However, this will be their only scheduled NY area appearance - but hopefully they'll announce another slew of dates and prove me wrong! No worries about transportation to the festival, Goldenvoice is setting up a special Amtrak stop just for the 30 to 40 thousand people that will be able to partake in the festivities.

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Wish You Were Here, pt. 1

Anamanaguchi is a band that we here at FMLY completely adore and endorse. We booked their very first Los Angeles show and documented the whole thing which is still on my video camera, we go to all of their shows that we can and we sit on 7 hours plane rides to New York together. Because our love for this band, they'll be the inaugural post of "Wish You Were Here" where we will spotlight either a FMLY band or a FMLY friend.

NYU students, Anamanaguchi, are quite the adventurous quartet that now features Los Angeles drum guru and FMLY member Luke Silas (Nephews, The Histories). Their myspace says it best, "Anamanaguchi combines the raw, electronic tones of the NES sound chip with driving, melodic guitars in an indie rock/powerpop fashion. NYU Music Technology student Peter Berkman began experimenting with the console in late 2003, swapping songs with friends from his hometown. Looking for a way to perform the 8-bit songs live, he got together a band..." The band will be playing two New York shows before heading off to SXSW! Oh, and if you're wondering where the name came from...think "Hoo-tie-and-the-blow-fish" / "An-a-man-a-guch-i", that is a privileged FMLY secret.

Anamanaguchi - Helix Nebula

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ocarina of Time

Does anyone else remember how good the music was in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? Like seriously...the music in the daytime while you're in the Gerudo Valley may just be one of my favorite songs ever. I really wish that I could post some mp3's but unfortunately I have none at the moment. If you have an N64 and OOT, put that shit in and fucking play it! I'm currently in the Spirit Temple as adult Link at the end of the game, I'm trying to beat it in less than 6 hours. Maybe I'll ask Mark Hunter aka The Cobrasnake to take photos of me playing, high school hipsters eat that kinda shit up!

On another note, Cameron will be in New York for the day today so there will be some great changes in the near future, thanks for sticking with us.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Janet Jackson Samples "Daftendirekt"

I just really have nothing to say I am so furious right now.

What do you think?

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Flashback Party Sequence!

Hey guys, it's the weekend and you know what that means... Another installment of the Flashback Party Sequence! but lucky for you, this is a double edition!

So for today I have a track that's been keeping it hot for the past few weeks, you may or may not have heard it already but it's a great remix that I've been listening to a lot. DJ Donna Summer, hit it! The compression on this track is absolutely insane with good headphones.

DJ Donna Summer - Sweet Assed Child O Mine

This is a little number originally written by the Buggles that DJ Franki Chan made a great remix of. I use to use it during most of my DJ sets when I when first started so it holds levels upon levels of nostalgia value to me, hope you guys dig it. If you live in LA you can see DJ Franki Chan DJ almost every day of the week!

DJ Franki Chan - Video Killed The Radio Star

Also, if you're in NY tonight there is a great party going down in Bushwick tonight and a sick Dubstep party tomorrow night.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coachella East!

All Points West aka Coachella East Lineup has been partially announced and it is looking damn fine!

Radiohead is the Friday and Saturday headliner (yeah, two days!) and Jack Johnson is the Sunday headliner.

Lineup as of 2/21:
Radiohead, Jack Johnson, Underworld, Kings of Leon, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Cat Power, The Roots, The New Pornographers, Youssou N'Dour, Animal Collective, Andrew Bird, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Metric, CSS, Girl Talk, Chromeo, The Go! Team, Amadou & Mariam, The Black Angels, Sia, The Felice Brothers, K'Naan, Jason Isbell, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Alberta Cross, The Virgins, Black Kids, Mates of State, Duffy, Forro in the Dark, Nicole Atkins, Juana Molina, Little Brother, Rogue Wave, Neil Halstead and Your Vegas.

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So I may be a bit biased considering that I'm working with the band, but the passion that Lo and Ben have is what I'd like to see more of in bands. Heartsrevolution started with the Heartschallenger pink fleet of ice cream trucks that would appear at every cutting edge hipster event. Ben would make the music for the truck while his girlfriend Lo would sell the goods and then overtime they began to make the music with each other using Ableton Live and an external guitar. They moved from L.A. to N.Y. in July and have since been working primarily on their music. They have released a split LP with Crystal Castles, the C.Y.O.A. EP out soon on IHEARTCOMIX and just yesterday finished their Switchblade EP. You can catch them at Hugs in Brooklyn tomorrow night and at SXSW. Also a recommended track is "Prism Effect" featuring the vocal stylings of Cory Kennedy.

Check out their incredible video for C.Y.O.A!:

Heartsrevolution - C.Y.O.A.

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DFA Dance Party Next Saturday (NYC)


PopRally, the ongoing event series for young New Yorkers at MoMA and P.S.1, in conjunction with the exhibition Color Chart: Reinventing Color, 1950 to Today, presents a dance party with a lineup of DJs from DFA Records. The DJs to be featured are Juan Maclean, T&T (Tim Goldsworthy & Tim Sweeney), Holy Ghost!, Justin Miller and Jacques Renault.
The evening includes an exclusive preview of Color Chart before its official opening to the public. On view March 2 through May 12, the exhibition explores artists' use of readymade color--from car paint to colored tape--features works by 44 modern and contemporary artists including Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, and Angela Bulloch.
Attendees are encouraged to wear bright and bold colors. There will be an open bar and guests will receive a colorful custom-made gift designed by PopRally and DFA.

Saturday, March 1, 2008
9:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m.

The Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53 Street

$12 in advance and $15 at the door. Tickets are available at the Museum information and Film desks, and online at Availability of door tickets is not guaranteed. Guests must be 21 or older to attend this event.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Destroyer Has Trouble in Dreams

Dan Bejar has created a voice and sound for himself that is distinguishable from the rest of the indie-community which has always made him one of my personal favorites, that and literally he has an incredible voice. You may recognize Bejar from acts such as The New Pornographers, Bonaparte, Swan Lake and Hello, Blue Roses but tonight we known him as Destroyer - personally one of my favorite Canadian bands and him being one of my favorite Canadian people. On March 18 Destroyer will release their eighth album, Trouble in Dreams via Merge/Rough Trade. Until then, here are a couple of tracks to hold you over. "Dark Leaves" is from Dreams and "Painter in Your Pocket" is from their last album, Destroyer's Rubies.

Destroyer - Dark Leaves from a Thread
Destroyer - Painter in Your Pocket

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Pillowface Failure

I have been waiting such a long time to hear these words. [via P4k]

Steve Aoki
Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles
[Thrive (Red); 2008]
Rating: 2.5

"Granted, this thing passes the American Bandstand test just fine, which is its primary purpose. That said, a broken dishwasher also has a beat to it, and sticking someone's gussied-up 1987 Maytag front and center at the trendiest L.A. hot spot would undoubtedly get both scene-stealers and scene-makers on the floor in time for a Cobrasnake photo op..."
[read the rest here]

Get To Know Coachella, Pt. 2

So you don't know all of the bands that are playing Coachella but you're totally psyched about going? No problem, that's what we're here for. And even if you're not going to Coachella, it doesn't hurt to learn about some fresh talent. Today, we'll learn about Los Angeles' The Bird and the Bee, who are relatively unknown amongst the people that I speak to despite their million MySpace plays and being signed to a major label.

The Bird and the Bee are a core duo of Greg Kurstin and Inara George, however, when they are on the road the duo becomes an ensemble of seven. Kurstin is a producer and keyboardist who has worked previously with Beck, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lily Allen. George is a professional singer and met Kurstin while she was recording her debut album. The two dug each others style and decided to create a jazz-influenced electro-pop project. They have been featured on Grey's Anatomy twice, an iPod commercial that never aired and a remix of one of their songs soared to the number one spot on U.S. Club Dance Charts in December 2006. Their new EP, One Too Many Hearts (Blue Note), was released last week on Valentine's Day.

This has always been my favorite song of theirs, Inara's voice is just so smooth. Forgive the download however, we are out of bandwidth for the next week so I will be uploading songs for download onto Mediafire. It's a pretty simple site but if you can't figure it out just leave a comment saying so.

The Bird and the Bee - Fucking Boyfriend

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

4 Chords

Thanks to Mike for the heads up on this video and Time Magazine for at some point naming Youtube the best invention of the year or something along the lines of.
This lovely man plays the same four Chords (Journey's "Don't Stop Believin') throughout this three minute video and manages to sing all of your favorite guilty pleasures that coincidentally are sung with the same pitch! I recommend that you watch it.

Party Foul

Spotted: Spice Girls' kid is already hip...

Result: "I shouldn't have worn those headphones, now I'm Steve Aoki."

Solution: Shoulda gotten a pair of these from the American Apparel '08 collection.

Record Release Day!!

Today has been a long awaited day for the indie music community...or at least me. Throw Me The Statue just released their full-length, Moonbeams, via Secretly Canadian and Bon Iver released, For Emma, Forever Ago via Jagjaguwar. If you've been keeping up with this blog these names should be familiar to you and hopefully their music as well. Anyways, spread the word to your friends and go BUY these albums from your local indie record store. And mark your calendars, April 19th is no longer only the day before 4/20 but is also Record Store Day! Make sure to check out these band's MySpaces because it was VERY difficult for me to choose which songs. Hot damn I love Tuesdays...

Bon Iver - Skinny Love
Throw Me The Statue - About To Walk (check out that Jeff Mangum trill!)

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A New Pair of Pants

White Demin is a fast paced low fi band from Texas that will get you moving. If you have some energy to burn and want to hear some old with a very new twist then you will love these guys. For fans of the Strokes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Voxtrot.

White Denim - Paint Silver Gold

Boat Boyz

BOAT is a band that likes to remain mysterious. However, we here at FMLY know that BOAT is from Seattle, their most recent album, Let's Drag Our Feet! (Magic Marker), is a great listen, the band played at Harvey Danger's Second Annual Last Show Ever and that the chief songwriter, David Crane, is a school teacher. Oh, and they are also pretty rad artists.
For fans of Apples in Stereo or Half-Handed Cloud, this is a great song for you. I'm also including a remix that includes BOAT.

BOAT - (I'm A) Donkey For Your Love

Your Majesty - Feel Good, Office Boy

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It's 9am NY time and I've got to get to class, but here is one of my favorite jams right now. It's by my boy ABX from The Hood Internet - last time we heard from DJ STV SLV - and it's a nice little joint of Alicia Keys vs CSS that'll get your dick hard, your pussy wet or your patch of skin thumpin'. BUMP THIS SHIT HIGH IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS!

I'm way too tired to upload any songs so Culture Bully is the host of this file, thanks guys. If you'd like me to host it and save your bandwidth just leave us a comment saying so.

ABX - No One To Knife

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