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Sunday, February 17, 2008


So as we're getting closer to Coachella I thought that I should begin to touch upon bands that my not seem as familiar to everyone. I've been a fan of Akron/Family for quite some time now and haven't yet seen them live so I'm very much looking forward to their set with The Dodos as their backing band. As a lazy writer in the morning/mid-afternoon the easiest way to describe this band is using a Broken Social Scene comparison. Akron/Family really is a collective of musicians that has a core of three. They play a lot around free-form and improvisational gospel and old soul rock that gives them such a distinct sound - personally I think that they make the music that birds would on hand crafted guitars. Their music speaks for itself so definitely give these guys a shot. If you're in the New York area they'll be playing the NYU Kimmel Center (on the South side of Washington Square) March 9.

Akron/Family - Running, Returning

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