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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Force Field at SXSW

So in the press biz, I believe that every blogger has their favorite contact - personally, mine is Daniel Gill with Force Field PR which is why he's gonna get some mad reppage in this post. Dan has been there for me countless shows successfully hooking me up with interviews and tickets, he has never flaked like so many other press contacts and he is always just a down to earth guy to speak to. Anyways, Dan reps Force Field PR and they're having one badass SXSW celebration that is FREE, ALL AGES and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. If you're attending SXSW this year, I highly recommend checking out this day party because you'll be seeing these names everywhere the rest of the year.

Wed. 3/12
Noon to 6pm
Force Field PR & Terrorbird Media present:

Emo's Main Stage

12:00 - These United States
12:45 - Evangelicals
01:30 - These New Puritans
02:15 - YACHT
03:00 - The Raveonettes
03:45 - The Mae Shi
04:30 - WHY?
05:15 - The Blow

Emo's JR.

12:15 - Laura Barrett
01:00 - Radar Bros.
01:45 - Headlights
02:30 - Bowerbirds
03:15 - Let's Go To War
04:00 - The Death Set
04:45 - Panther
05:30 - Hey Willpower

Death Set - Superzero

Force Field PR Website
Terror Bird Website

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