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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I really love stories like this.
Tender Forever began as a project between Melanie Valera in Bordeaux, France and a really cool guy in San Francisco. They emailed and postal serviced (winkwink) tracks to each other combining their influences and views on the world. What resulted is now a four person electro-pop band reminiscent of The Blow but definitely distinctive enough to hold its own. What we have here in their debut CD, Wider (K), is music in its most genuine and honest form. The instrumentation is simple, the beats vary and the lyrics are written with depth and wisdom. From the opener, "Tiny Heart and Clever Hand," I felt something like inspiration in the party-blowers and repeated line, "I wish you were a wolf sometimes." At this time my favorite track on the album is definitely "Heartbroken Forever," I can hear remix value in this song as well as on the entire album but there are definitely features about this track that make it stand out from the rest. I urge you to purchase this CD for its replay value, it's 100% iPod material for those rainy days, sunny days, car rides and dates. I have to say honestly that this is a band that I've been aware of for quite some time now but never had any plan to listen to them until K sent me the CD in the mail. I really have to publicly thank them because I see this album becoming one that I'll listen to off and on for an infinite amount of time, equable to any Blow album although I do not want to relate to two.

"Heartbroken forever, it's not you it's no one it's just better. You're my guest, you're my lover and like words it's not over."

Tender Forever - Heartbroken Forever

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