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Monday, February 18, 2008

Thanks to Nigel for the update!
Lindsay Lohan recently posed nude/topless for photographer Bert Stern, the man who photographed Marilyn Monroe very similarly 46 years ago. These photos will be printed in New York magazine and it is the first time in years that she has not tried to cover-up her beauty marks.

Your thoughts?

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Having grown up with Lindsay, I would never have thought to look at her in this way. I would say we're in the "friends zone." These photos changed my idea though, no longer is she cutiesy Lohan...this is classy. I'd like to see some higher res photos.
Yeah, I'm curious to see the entire shoot. Do you have any thoughts on Lohan being the starlet chosen to represent Marilyn in this shoot? I thought that it was interesting, looking at the originals, that there were shots that bret chose to show Lindsay's tattoo where there were none on Marilyn.
I think she was an excellent candidate, based on her elegant look and her svelte figure. Plus, with that hair, damn she really looks like Marilyn Monroe! The tattoo is interesting and I think it reflects the contemporary times we live in, a modern flare on a classic appearance.
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