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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Black Moth Super Rainbow have been one of my favorite bands for about a year now. These days it is very rare to be able to say that a band is truly original but in todays music scene that's exactly what you can find in Black Moth Super Rainbow. In fact, it's hard to find anything that captures what they even come close to except for maybe a couple of Gary Numan tracks from the 1970's. Their album Dandelion Gum, which came out last year will take you on an electronic journey to a place you could never imagine. According to the band each of the 16 songs on this album are to represent a different candy-induced freak-out from witches in the forest. Although they are abstract, it very easy for almost anyone to enjoy. In fact, I've been listening to it at least once a week since it came out. As soon as I heard them, I fell in love. "Finally," I thought "music that can take me somewhere new but still makes sense to me as music". It makes sense that this album took three years to make. It's a difficult task to make such a electronic landscape feel so organic.

It's just strange I didn't post this earlier. Seriously, find some really good speakers and turn this shit up. Look out because they are on tour right now. These guys are surrounded in mystery. I tried to get a video interview with them but they said they don't grant video interviews or for that matter audio interviews but if you go to their myspace you can see the closest thing to an interview with them.

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Drippy Eye

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