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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bonde do Role's New Cast

So as you should know, baile funk sensation Bonde do Role lost their lead singer/MC Marina a short while ago and have been keeping it up as a male duo since. Gorky and Pedro dropped some heavy news via a MySpace bulletin tonight, this is what they said, "we'd like everyone to welcome our 2 new MCs - laura taylor and ana bernardino... they're more than awesome, they're warriors (we've met them through a reality tv show we had here on mtv brazil, so again... real warriors!)." Hopefully all will turn out well, Pedro and Marina had such a strong chemistry that I'm crossing my fingers can be replaced and not affect the sound. Oh, and a fun fact, Bonde do Role means "jellybean" in Portuguese.

Also, thanks to all of the downloads you guys are doing from this blog, we're pretty much out of bandwidth. So if you experience trouble downloading older files in the next week it's because you enjoyed these ones so much. Thanks!
Bonde do Role - Solta O Frango (Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya Remix)


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