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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dan Deacon Added To Health Show

Something great just got even better!

Tuesday's show at The Market Hotel scheduled with Black Pus, Aa (Big A Little A), Health and special guests, just became a lot more wild. I'm not familiar with Black Pus but already a show with Aa and Health is bound to be a crowd destroyer - if the entire venue isn't destroyed first. However, Dan Deacon has been revealed as the special guest turning this love noise fest into a fight for your life.

Ticket's for the show WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR.
tickets go on sale @ 6PM TODAY, 3/28 @ CINDERS GALLERY [ 103 Havemeyer St @ Hope St - 718.388.2311 ] but... Cinders is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays, so tickets'll also be available starting Monday, 3/31 @ GOODBYE BLUE MONDAY [ 1087 Broadway @ Dodworth St - 718.453.6343 ].

If tickets aren't sold out the night of the show I suggest buying them at GBM the night of and just walk over to Market.

FMLY interviewed Health last week at their show with Crystal Castles, it will be posted in the next week.

Also, if you're into Boredoms, which I hope you are, they will be playing a *free* show at Other Music on Monday night.
*a free show after showing the ticket from your purchased copy of their new CD which you bought at Other Music.

Health - Lost Time

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