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Monday, March 31, 2008

Death Cab Will Possess Your Heart

So I don't know what the deal is with the new Death Cab song, but I am diggin' it. Although it is reminiscent of their older (and better) material in terms of the song dynamics, structure and lyrics, I would have thought that their major label, Atlantic, would have added a more commercially appealing song to the band's MySpace page. As a first look at the album, considering that Death Cab is a top five point on my all time favorite band list, I am really excited to hear the rest. "I Will Possess Your Heart" has exceeded my expectations and it the perfect song for Death Cab to release after the very successful Plans. I'm crossing my fingers for a Ben Gibbard project with Timbaland. Purchase Narrow Stairs when it comes out May 13.

Death Cab - I Will Possess Your Heart

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Noah, this is so bizarre. I didn't even see your post about Death Cab, and I'm presuming that you didn't see mine. But we basically wrote the same thing. Thats so strange. Roommate brain connection. Go read mine! Sanassssaaaa

- Nige
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