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Monday, March 31, 2008

The Dodos. 3/31. Soundfix.

So I went to see The Dodos tonight at Soundfix in Brooklyn and it was pretty much what I expected. I'll first say that I have been in class from 10 until 5:20 and had two hours of sleep yesterday, which did make me a bit irritable at the show as I stood alone among a crowd of strangers - and of course behind the tallest man there. The Dodos tuned, soundchecked, chilled and then only 15 minutes late began their set. The set of course consisted of mostly songs from Visiter which I haven't made myself too familiar with, but they were still very enjoyable. They did play "Men" which I posted earlier today and overall I was pleased with seeing them live (especially the drumming), but it would have been better if I actually saw them - during the entire 30 minute set the only time I physically saw the band was a single glimpse of the drummer, and I was standing close to the front. Actually, I'm critiquing Soundfix more than I am The Dodos, but it was a free show so there is no reason to complain. If you're familiar with The Dodos music, pay for tickets and see them live. If you're not, see them cheap or free and I guarantee you'll leave with their album in hand.

Question of the day: If Voxtrot and Vampire Weekend played a show together, who would headline? Of course The Dodos would be the opener.

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That's the one thing I get nervous about when going to a show at Sound Fix..."Will I be able to see?" Fortunately, I seem to always make my way up front anyway.

I also thought the drumming was great!
it's all in the camera
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