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Friday, March 7, 2008

Flashback! Party Sequence 2

So here at FMLY we aim to please everyone multiple times, meaning if one person isn't happy then none of you are happy. An anonymous commenter expressed their dislike for my childhood flashback remix and I fully encourage more readers to do the same, otherwise I'll just end up posting not fun music. So lets do this Flashback! Party Sequence Friday right!

Of course, I'm not going to completely undermine myself and post a safe track like Basement Jaxx or nine Daft Punk tunes. No way, that's not my style. This african baile funk remix has a very homemade non-produced feel and I would completely expect and hope that this was made in a bedroom. The quality of the track isn't high enough to add to your bangin' Friday night DJ set at Club Cool but you can certainly bump this around friends and I promise you they'll go ape shit over it.

Afrikanner - Barney African Remix

If this song doesn't meet your desires, I'm very sorry, because it more than met mine when I first heard it. If you would like to have a song that you made or you think that others would like featured on next week's Flashback! Party Sequence, please email it to with a 100 words or less description. Whoever sends the best song - judged completely on a matter of my opinion - will receive a couple of goodies in the mail. Please no Justice or Chromeo / 90s music remixed is highly encouraged.

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