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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Flashback! Party Sequence 3

Three Flashback! Party Sequence posts in a row!? Noah, you must be losing it!

No my friends, I am not losing it, I just love to party and I would hope that you do as well. Actually I was going to save this track for next week but I couldn't keep it from you guys too long since I've seen it popping up around the blogosphere. Anyways, if you're familiar with the work of CFCF then you must either be a fan or a real connoisseur of electronic music because he isn't a name very easy to come by. I have not yet heard a CFCF track that I didn't like making this one no exception, in fact, this might be one of my favorite electronic tracks. If you're a child of the 90's and a collector of new millennium music such as myself, this will be exactly what you want to hear. CFCF "covers" the 90's hit track by OMC, "How Bizarre." I have so many good memories tied to this song it's impossible not to like it. If you're familiar with Schneider TM's remake of The Smith's "The Light 3000," there is a very similar production style.

OMC - How Bizarre

CFCF - How Bizarre

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