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Monday, March 10, 2008


DJ Franki Chan, the founder of L.A. based record label IHEARTCOMIX, mixed a sampler for Scion to be handed out during SXSW - MAKE SURE YOU PICK THIS ONE UP IF YOU'RE GOING! This is what Franki has to say:

"This is a mixtape I made for SCION. It's for their remix series and will make it's debut during SXSW and WMC. They are making 500,000 copies and it will be available for FREE all across the US all summer long. I've been working on and coordinating this mixtape since August and it features 13 new IHEARTCOMIX tracks, 8 of which are exclusive remixes made just for the mixtape by Radioclit, Flosstradamus, Designer Drugs, Miami Horror, Mano feat Hollywood Holt, Tom Neville, Lies In Disguise and LA Riots and 2 other originals just for the mixtape by Acid Girls and HEARTSREVOLUTION. Those 8 original remixes mentioned above, we'll be sending those out for downloads as well, including an additional LA Riots remix of The Toxic Avenger."

Also a reminder, do not forget about the IHEARTCOMIX SXSW parties that will no doubt be the highlight of the entire festival.

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