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Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Girl Talk

Coincidentally I've been getting heavily back into Girl Talk the past few weeks, just in time for this news.

"After spending the lion's share of his time since 2006's Night Ripper on tour, Gregg Gillis is hard at work recording the next Girl Talk album for a late spring/early summer release." - P4k

The album is titled Wild Peace IV: Feed the Animals, Raise the Dead (Illegal Art/Wham City), "This album is going to be dense with samples like my previous releases," says Gillis in a MySpace blog posted on Thursday, "but I'm trying to give some of the parts more room to breathe. I'm focusing less on sporadic chops and more on having pieces of the album build. The new material definitely has its share of quick cuts, but it's less dependent on that style. I think it's more dynamic because of it."

I've been in Corcord, Massachusetts for the past few days so forgive me while I play catch-up, it's been an exciting weekend.

Bonde do Role - Gasolina (Girl Talk Megamix)


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