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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tristan Perich / 1-bit Music

For me, Tristan Perich is the name behind one bit music...probably because I've never consciously heard it before. If you've studied psychology or how the brain reacts to music and sound, one bit music practices many of Gestalt's laws which I find exciting. If you haven't, don't worry about it or look into Gestalt laws on Wikipedia. Very basically and completely from my understanding, one bit music is like video game music (8-bit) but only written on one track so all of the beats and melodies flow together, like common fate. But don't take my word on it, I'm going to go do some research.

"Artist, inventor, and composer Tristan Perich holds degrees in music, math, and computer science. Inspired by the aesthetics of these disciplines, Perich works with simple forms and complex systems to compose works for solo instruments, small ensembles and orchestras. His "1-Bit Music" project, consisting of hand-built electronics packaged inside a standard CD jewel case, probes the foundations of electronic sound. Perich's work has been played by courageous contemporary music ensembles including Bang on a Can, Calder Quartet, counter)induction, New York Miniaturist Ensemble, Due East, Y Trio and Ensemble Pamplemousse at venues including P.S.1 and Mass MoCA." [thanks BV]

Tristan Perich - Gilgamesh

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