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Monday, March 3, 2008

Your Majesty's New EP

FMLY's resident DJ/remixer, Your Majesty, is giving away his music stating that, "Music should be free. I didn't pay for any software because I work mostly on Garageband and my Ableton Live demo so there is no reason for me to charge for my music. From now on all of my songs will be posted for free download, just like my boy Party Time 2000." YM has also announced via MS bulletin that he will release a follow-up to 2007's Before I Sold Out EP entitled I Need To Speak To Mary-Kate - the first glimpse at the new EP will be available later this week.
[Picture by August]

Your Majesty - Collateral Damage (feat. Girl Talk and Noah York City) [recorded and performed live Feb2007]

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