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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ed Banger Starts Gay Trend

With Justice came the revival of the leather jacket, the handlebar mustache, Christianity and the mainstream popularity of would-have-been-otherwise unknown French musicians and artists. Even for those who aren't fans of Justice it's undeniable the impact they have had on 2007/08. That being said...Justice might be the new Chuck Norris. The only reason Justice would have sex with men is if they ran out of underage girls at their concerts. The only people that are worthy of Justice cock are those equal on the Ed Banger-ometer, like SebastiAn. I heard that the only way to fully understand Cross is to take it in the ass from Justice while listening to their live sets backwards. FMLY, believe it or not, had a nice chat with Pedro Winter aka Busy P aka Daft Punk manager aka owner of Ed Banger at Coachella which is why we feel close enough to the camp to reveal these secrets. Will anal sex among hip straight males wearing leather jackets donning the handlebar mustache become big in '08?

[image via LastNightsRegret]

Speaking of buttsex, did you happen to catch the anus pic on LastNight'sParty?

Sidenote: FMLY FRNDs Anamaguchi are on the cover page of Oh My Rockness' New York section.

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A few last notes...

So there have been a couple of things that I've failed to report on today assuming that I didn't need to. Then I realized that there is ALWAYS need to!

Lil' Wayne's Tha Carter III is set for release in June. The cover art features Weezy F. Baby as Yeah, it's actually a Lil' Wayne baby photo. Expect this to be in the running for album art of the year - it is on our end.

FMLY fav, MC Spank Rock, has been hospitalized. If you went to Coachella hoping to find Naeem more fucked up than ever and ready to grace an audience with his over-the-top hypersexualized dance-hop like I was, then you were sadly disappointed to find that he had been replaced with a 30 minute Devlin and Darko DJ set followed by a 20 minute Amanda Blank set - both of which you could easily see on a nearly weekly basis in NYC. What happened is that Naeem was rushed to the hospital only an hour before he was scheduled to appear, "you know Spank Rock is always ready to party but this time the party got him," says partner in crime and apple of my eye (along with Santogold), Amanda Blank. Whatever happened to him must be serious because he underwent some type of surgery on Monday and is still in a Palm Springs hospital. Our thoughts are with you Naeem, you'll be pounding Smirnoff and blowing rails onstage again in no time!

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First Fridays


This Friday Akron/family and The Dodos will be playing at the Natural History Museum. The night also includes DJ sets in the African Mammal Hall by Carlos Niño and Morpho from Dublab. I know you have been looking for a reason to go back and there is no better reason than First Fridays.

Fools - The Dodos

My Last Animal Collective Post For A While

I realize that I post A LOT about Animal Collective, especially as of late. Currently I'm writing my final paper on the human perception of "Peacebone," the first track from Strawberry Jam, so until anything major happens in the AC camp, this will be it for some time.

What I did want to briefly say - as I've said many times- is that Animal Collective absolutely blew me the fuck out of the water at Coachella. Unleashing an arsenal of new music at Coachella it was a monumental event to hear Panda Bear break out into solo and deliver "Comfy In Nautica," a track that defined my 2007. Animal Collective has big things to come in '08 but in '09 we will hopefully see a new release from Panda as well as Avey; I'm also curious to see what Geologist has in store as his role in the group has become more distinguished since the release of Strawberry Jam. AC closed their set with the enchanting "Brother Sport" where you can see much influence from Panda's move to Portugal as tropical sounds overwhelm the chorus in an ecstasy inducing manner. Please Avey, pass me the Strawberry Jam, prep the Water Curses EP and let me dig into what's next!

Animal Collective - Water Curses

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Grand Theft Auto IV

If you have a video game system compatible with the new Grand Theft Auto then I really have no idea why you're reading this blog right now. The graphics in Liberty City are spectacular as well as the game-play, but for a moment I'd like to talk about the great choice of music. I'm not familiar with the game as I've never had a system that would allow me to take part in such an awesome idea, but I get the basic idea. In the game there are radio stations with DJs, but in this case the stations are so distinguished and were curated by actual DJs such as Francios K, Juliet Lewis, Iggy Pop, Daddy Yankee, etc... The DJs narrowed their selection so well that the game features music from SebastiAn, Kavinsky, !!!, Cheeseburger, The Black Keys, Boys Noize, Bad Brains, Aphex Twin, K.I.M., Simian Mobile Disco and possibly the most talked about - not necessarily in a positive way - group on the FMLY blog, Justice. To check out the full list of radio stations, DJs and tunes on your game, just click here.

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Monolith Festival Revealed

FMLY FRNDS The Morning Benders have been added to the lineup of Monolith 2008 taking place in the Red Rock Amphitheater in Colorado this September. You may recognize the venue name from the back of your Daft Punk Alive 2007 tour shirt as the robotic duo has played this arena. The festival does have somewhat of an awkward lineup coughMickeyAvaloncough but overall looks to be a more than decent indie dance weekend.

The Ting Tings - Great DJ

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Santogold at Virgin

[thanks Rafe Baron]
Alright, so I'm in love with Santogold, I believe in Santogold, I want to be Santogold's best friend...if M.I.A. and Rose hadn't both taken that position. After catching Santi's set at Coachella I was blown away by her charisma and the expression within her voice - it is as if she has an endless range that can extend as far as ears can hear. Last night at the Virgin Store was absolutely no different, her beautifully written world influenced pop was the perfect touch to a Tuesday night. Performing much of the same set that she did at Coachella, Santi was filled with an energy as if she had never let anyone hear these songs before. "I waited a really fucking long time to release this album," she tells a starstruck crowd, "but it was all worth it, dance!" You can catch Santi and the crew on tour in England come May - if you' swing from that part of the ocean.

Santogold - Starstruck

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

St. Chella

(Thank you for the photo Los Anjealous!)

The past couple days almost everyone I see asks me what my favorite performance at Coachella was. It was sort of a surprise to me when I heard myself saying St. Vincent for the first time. I have always been a fan of St. Vincent (Those of you who listen to FMLY Radio know this) but I wasn't expecting such intensity and strength. Unlike her very produced CD (which I am a big fan of), her live performance evokes honest and powerful emotion. If you have just heard the recordings or haven't heard her at all, take a look at these videos.

The Apocalypse Song - St. Vincent


Free Santi

Back in NYC today and Coachella news is to come...

If you're lucky enough to be in the big apple today you should make your way over to the Virgin Megastore in Union Square around 6:30 to see Santogold (starts at 7). While you're there make sure to pick up her new album which you can find in stores today.

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Four Eyed Monsters

So for the past few years I have been following the story of two struggling artists who tell a story through their relationship. They made a movie based on their relationship where they agreed never to speak but to communicate through different mediums. Prior to the release of the movie they made a series of podcasts documenting their adventure. This might be the most honest and human thing I have ever seen. It has made me feel emotions that few things can. They also turned me on to all sorts of great music including the Spinto Band, National Eye, Paper Jones, and Apes and Androids.

All the podcasts are available here and more are being released in coming days. You can now also get the movie on DVD including all the podcasts at Borders.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Coachella Away

Later New York, hello California! To all those Coachillin' - see you there, but don't Coachill too hard in the heat.
Until we return, please enjoy this picture of Les Savy Fav and FMLY fav, Zach Galifianakis, separated at birth?
Also, don't forget to turn into FMLY radio tomorrow morning at 10PST/1EST on littleradio, it will be the first time that both Cameron and I host together.

Enjoy these tracks from artists playing Coachella this weekend.
Animal Collective - Water Curses
Islands - The Arm
Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart
Animal Collective - Peacebone (Pantha du Prince remix)
Ben Gibbard - I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys Cover)
The Teenagers - Love No (Dolorean Remix)
Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes (XXXChange Remix)


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Rock the Hipsters

Best Rock the Bells ever?

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

DJ Burial?

This is huge news: dubstep royalty, Burial, whose identity still remains unknown (aside from the William Bevan theory), is next in line to craft one of those highly regarded DJ-Kicks mixes that you hear about Hot Chip and artists of the like making. Aside from releasing an interview here and a Thom Yorke remix there, the world has not seen much of Burial since releasing his highly acclaimed 2007 release, Untrue (Hyperdub). It will be interesting to see which tracks Burial chooses to "treat." Although he could go with the expected El-b, Digital Mystikz or Skream tunes, I'm hoping that he follows a different route and goes to a part of Burial that hasn't been introduced to fans. Burial's DJ-Kicks will be released in the states July 8 via !K7. Coincidentally, I'm writing a final paper on the cognitive science behind Burial's "Dog Shelter." If you haven't picked up a copy of Untrue, it is a timeless must-have CD and vinyl format!

Burial - Archangel

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Animal Collective Gets Pantha'd

I'm not sure how long ago this happened, but the infamous experimental techno artist Pantha du Prince worked his magic on Animal Collective's "Peacebone." In a blogosphere of Justice and Chromeo it's nice to take a breath and listen to the pre-MySpace professionals handle shit.

Animal Collective - Peacebone (Pantha du Prince remix)

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Coachella times

Here they are guys! Make your lists...
Click them for a bigger view

What will you be missing to see something else?


Free YR Radio

TMS announced details for this years Free YR Radio campaign today. If you haven't heard of it, Free YR Radio is a concert series across the country that raises money for local radio stations. This means some very cool bands at Urban Outfitters across the country. Here are some already confirmed dates:

May 21 White Williams benefiting WERS - Boston, MA
June 14 !!! benefiting Ohio-FM - Columbus, OH
July 23 Mudhoney and No Age benefiting KEXP - Seattle, WA
July 30 Yeasayer benefiting The Current - the Twin Cities, MN

I can't wait to see what they have in store for LA! Last year Sonic Youth played a show on the Third Street Promenade.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Mashin' Up, BMSR vs Webbie

What do you get when you combine DJ STV SLV and a Chicago summer? get a FMLY favorite band mashed together with my favorite Spring Break jam. The Hood Internet's DJ STV SLV mashed up Black Moth's "Drippy Eye" with Webbie's I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T to create a mash worthy of a sing-a-long.

DJ STV SLV - Drippy I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T

And if you're feelin' Webbie like I am...

Webbie - I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T

Webbie's music video is also pretty sick.

Don't you think that Webbie even looks a little bit like Alexander Ridha from Boys Noize? Unibrow club 4 Lyfe.


[Ridha, second from left]

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System of a Down Meets Wu-Tang...Literally

I was surprised to have not heard about this. FMLY is a big fan of Wu-Tang.

System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian and key Wu-Tang Clan member the RZA have finished their first album as Achozen, a self-titled effort that's due out through Odadjian's digital label (urSESSION) this summer. Following the self-proclaimed mantra of "many shall come, only a few shall be Achozen," the group features the vocals of Kinetic 9 (a.k.a. Beretta 9 of Killarmy) and Chicago's own Reverend William Burke.

While RZA contributed a decent amount of beats to the project, Odadjian actually generated most of the album's original, largely sample-free productions. The estranged SOAD member also played bass and sitar. A number of high profile guests also helped out with the record, including George Clinton, Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, Killah Priest and GZA.

Song titles are unknown at this time, but the quartet is debuting a track called "Deuces" on Tuesday, April 22, at 4:22 p.m. PST.

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Scarlett Johansson "Falling Down"

The highly anticipated Tom Waits covers album by the Teenagers' adored Scarlett Johansson has begun to surface. Johansson premiered, via Spinner, "Falling Down" featuring David Bowie (and Kermit the Frog). Click here to listen.

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Late Night TV

[Radiohead live on Conan in '93]

Wow, it was quite a crazy holiday weekend, but if you happened to be in New York City then it was quite a hot one as well! Lots of work is coming up as this week IS Coachella week, one of the busiest times of the year for FMLY. Today I would just like to quickly mention that Grizzly Bear will be on Conan O'Brien tonight followed by M. Ward and Zoey Deschanel's lovely She and Him tomorrow all building up to Radiohead on Wednesday...yeah, Radiohead.

One of the biggest bands in the world, Radiohead, will make an exclusive appearance on NBC's "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" Wednesday April 23 (12:35-1:35am ET).
The band - who made their network television debut on "Late Night" and were O'Brien's first-ever musical guest in 1993 - has recorded an exclusive live performance from their critically acclaimed and record-industry-paradigm-shifting release "In Rainbows" to air on O'Brien's contribution to NBC's "Green Week" of environmentally conscious programming.

Recorded live in London, Radiohead's performance of "House of Cards," represents an ongoing effort by the socially conscious band to act in the greenest manner possible. By opting to record this exclusive performance rather than fly over for a one-off appearance, the band - as frontman Thom Yorke notes in the introduction to their performance - avoided leaving a carbon footprint equivalent to driving one's car for a solid year.

Other guests on "Late Night's" "Green" show are a bit more literal - "Robot Chicken" creator and actor Seth GREEN and "Today" show travel editor Peter GREENberg.

Grizzly Bear - While You Wait For The Others (Live on KCRW)

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Newer Newest New Animal Collective

Time must be flying by because I feel like Animal Collective just released Strawberry Jam. I was impressed enough when I heard the intricacy of the Water Curses EP but now to find out that there is even more material is outstanding! AC have been playing a new track, "Brother Sport," during recent shows and this could definitely be their finest song yet. Every shift in style throughout the song varies so greatly, I just can't wait to hear it at Coachella. Check out the video above from

Animal Collective - Brother Sport (from NPR's live concert series)

EDIT: If the above link does not work on your computer, click here to be redirected to the original page.

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KROQ Spills The "Pork & Beans"

Weezer's first new single, "Pork and Beans," was announced to be released April 22. However, L.A.'s KROQ premiered the track this weekend unleashing a Weezer storm. Radio rips were recorded and distributed and lyrics have been transcribed - even reviews are pouring in. Weezer = religious revolution?

Weezer - Pork and Beans

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Fucked Up Fridays

After seeing Jason Segel down some pretty yummy looking drinks in the Hawaiian setting of Forgetting Sarah Marshall today, I found myself craving something tropical for this week's Fucked Up Friday. So without further ado, this week's drink is the Tropical Breeze. Enjoy!

1. Get some Malibu Coconut Rum, some Blue Curacao, some Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, and a pineapple.

2. Fill your glass with ice and fill 1/4 of the way with rum.

3. Fill the glass 1/2 way with the Blue Curacao.

4. Fill the rest of the way with the grapefruit juice.

5. Slice up your pineapple and then separate that slice into fourths. Then slit the fourths in order to slide easily on the edge of your glass.

Your drink should hopefully look like this.

Mahalo and I'll see you next Fucked Up Friday!


Up-To-Date! Party Sequence

So for this week's Flashback! Party Sequence I'd like to choose a more contemporary song, Walter Meego's "Girls." XLR8R really turned me onto this group and especially this particular song (although the entire album is of the same quality). So download and enjoy this at Silent Rave Night! Don't like new music on your Flashback! Party Sequence Friday? It's chill, this is a special circumstance.

Walter Meego - Girls

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"Okie Dokie" Dan Deacon

Carpark Records has released Dan Deacon's video for "Okie Dokie" off of Spiderman of the Rings. Directed by Dave Hughes, the video isn't anything too out of the ordinary for Deacon - but no one is saying that is a bad thing.

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Silent Rave NY

So if you know where Union Square is then you should come by Silent Rave night, here are the official instructions.

The basic premise is thousands of people turn up in a public place, plug in their own ipods, listen to their own music and dance and rave for hours!

The prospect of raving like you really don't care about what other people think, with thousands of fellow dancers, is a bloody brilliant one I think you'll agree!


I will be underneath the big statue of Washington, and people shoulod congregate on that front area. SPREAD OUT ACROSS THE PARK ONCE THAT GETS TOO FULL, people need room to rave!

There is never an official end time for Silent Raves, its just whenever you're done that it ends. Facebook requires an end time which is why I put one in.

There will be an afterparty at the NY FMLY headquarters just two blocks away with DJ'ing by Ecks and Your Majesty - if you like, make today's Fucked Up Friday drink and then come on over!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Night of the Living Chromeo

This is a really sweet commercial that everyone should check out. It's a quick tribute to Michael Jackson using a "new" song from, you guessed it, Chromeo. I won't tell you what company it's for, that'll be a nice surprise.

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Tonight At Hiro

New York, if you're free tonight then plan on attending Hiro. Devlin and Darko are the Spank Rock DJs, Armani XXXChange is one of the best remix artists and producers (Spank Rock's) in the game right now and Treasure Fingers is going to get even bigger in '08. Obviously, you belong here tonight.

Panda Bear - Comfy In Nautica (XXXChange Remix)
Panda Bear - Comfy In Nautica (Mr. Devlin's Jamaica Plain Humpback Remix)

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


If you live in LA this wonderful piece of art is playing at the Nuart


Jane's Addiction Reunites

Jane's Addiction will reunite for a one time only occasion at the NME Awards in Los Angeles. Eric Avery will be a part of the live show for the first time since 1991. Read the rest of the story here.

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FMLY Member Day

FMLY member Will Weisenfeld of Nephews and [Post-Foetus] has completed his remix of Foals' "Electric Bloom." The remix is for a contest that is holding so go download, download this remix and leave it on repeat! Also, today is Will's birthday, so go onto the Po-Fo space and leave him a short, sweet and sexual comment.

Foals - Electric Bloom (Electric Butcher Remix)

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


New Nephews everyone! FMLY post-rock outfit Nephews have added a new track to their MySpace, "Sorefinger Road," which was recorded live at The Knitting Factory. You can stream the track on the band's page, right here.

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make your schedule right here.


Cloud Cult Feel Good

Cloud Cult's new album, Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes), is out now via Earthology/Rebel. You can preview the entire album over on the Spinner website. As you can see off to the right, FMLY will present Cloud Cult in Los Angeles May 14 when they play The Knitting Factory.

Cloud Cult - When Water Comes To Life

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Austin City Limits

Between Austin City Limits and SXSW, I don't know how Austin finds time to just chill and actually LISTEN to all of this music.

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10 Days, the countdown is on.

Alright, so I don't really understand this video, but does anyone really understand Animal Collective? I'd like to think that an in depth look at the music and lives of the group will be written in a few generations as AC is looked at with the same passion that we look at figures such as Radiohead and Bob Dylan (being Panda Bear). AC will play Coachella, and more AC news in the post directly below this one. I've had the Water Curses EP on repeat since I received it and it is yet a new level for Animal Collective, they somehow managed to raise their own bar even further.

Animal Collective - Water Curses

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Animal Collective's Water Curses EP

Have you heard Animal Collective's new EP? Well FMLY has.
Water Curses, due out May 5 on Domino, features four new tracks by Animal Collective. The new songs are total summer beach jams, if you can find a beach that's in a brightly lit forest. The EP is very textual, very fresh considering the short time that it has been since Strawberry Jam was released, and still very Animal Collective. Stream the title track on the band's MySpace page.

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Call It New Wolf Parade

[not Wolf Parade]

Wow, this day keeps getting better! A new Wolf Parade empeethree has been released from their now untitled - ex-Kissing the Beehive - upcoming album. Fingers crossed for the name on their new t-shirts!

Wolf Parade - Call It A Ritual

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Noah Says: New No Age!

Whaaaat!? A new No Age track courtesy of Sub Pop from the upcoming Nouns LP? CRAZY! FMLY loves No Age just about as much as we love Vampire Weekend. Absolutely t-shirt crazy over them.

No Age - Nouns

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ladytron Is Back

I apologize for the lack of postage here on FMLY, but Cameron and I have been in Philly/Baltimore/D.C. all weekend DJ'ing and spreading the FMLY name like jam on bread. Anyways, Liverpool's Ladytron has quite an anticipated release, Velocifero (Nettwerk), due out in the states on June 3. Here's the first track off of the album, so enjoy it. If you're seventeen and wearing blue jeans I'm sure the tune will really pluck your heartstrings.

Ladytron - Black Cat

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

J.K. Rowling Stalks Freddie Stevenson?

"J.K. Rowling's been following me around" is the first line in Freddie Stevenson's "Easy Now," the 2008 reaction to Ozma's "Natalie Portman" and Adam Green's "Jessica." Check it out on the FS MySpace, that's what I'm doing at 6:14am waiting for the Philly Fung Wah Express. Happy Saturday universe!

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Flashback! Party Sequence

What more do you need in a Friday than a back to back to the future Fucked Up Friday and Flashback! Party Sequence? Maybe some more FMLY!
This week's party starter is an aged song to the familiar but still as hot to all. The Thermals are THE ultimate party band sans remix whether you love or hate 'em, although I've never met a h8r. Add this diddy to your playlist of the night for instant euphoria.

The Thermals - How We Know

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Fucked Up Fridays

Salut! This week's drink is a Melon Ball Shooter. Happy drinking!

1. Gather ingredients: Vodka (this week I used Ketel One brand), any melon liqueur (I used Midori), Pineapple Juice (I used Dole), a martini shaker, a honeydew melon, a long kitchen knife, a shot glass, and either a melon ball scooper or a one teaspoon round measuring spoon (which I have used).

2. Halve the melon with the knife, then scoop out the seeds with a tablespoon and rinse with cold water. Dry off the melon halves with a paper towel to avoid sliminess.

3. Using the one tsp measuring spoon, scoop out as many melon balls as needed. Then place them aside in a dish.

4. Fill the martini shaker 3/4 of the way with ice.

5. Fill halfway with vodka.

6. 1/4 of the melon liqueur.

7. 1/4 of the pineapple juice.

8. Shake vigorously as I have done above.

9. Strain into a shot glass.

10. Place a melon ball in the shot glass and serve.


Ahhh! Fuckedupidly refreshing.
I'll see ya next Fucked Up Friday.


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