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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bob Dylan Wins Pulitzer, Studio B Grows Garden

Bob Dylan won rock music's first Pulitzer Prize.

"This year's Pulitzer Prizes in honored two musical innovators who tend to reject categorization: A special citation went to singer-songwriter Dylan, and the annual music award went to composer and Los Angeles native David Lang." [Chicago Tribune, thanks BV]


Probably my most visited venue, Studio B, is opening a rooftop garden. What better way to celebrate than a show with Brazilian Girls, Spank Rock, Roxy Cottontail and The Rub on May 2?

Have you heard...? It's true. Studio B is opening a rooftop garden on May 2, just in time for Spring! To celebrate the event we're planning a blow-out, throw-down featuring Brazilian Girls, Spank Rock, The Rub, DJ Roxy Cottontail and more tba! Tickets on sale today. So come join us as we unveil our Greenpoint oasis.

Tickets are on sale now.

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