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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

DJ Burial?

This is huge news: dubstep royalty, Burial, whose identity still remains unknown (aside from the William Bevan theory), is next in line to craft one of those highly regarded DJ-Kicks mixes that you hear about Hot Chip and artists of the like making. Aside from releasing an interview here and a Thom Yorke remix there, the world has not seen much of Burial since releasing his highly acclaimed 2007 release, Untrue (Hyperdub). It will be interesting to see which tracks Burial chooses to "treat." Although he could go with the expected El-b, Digital Mystikz or Skream tunes, I'm hoping that he follows a different route and goes to a part of Burial that hasn't been introduced to fans. Burial's DJ-Kicks will be released in the states July 8 via !K7. Coincidentally, I'm writing a final paper on the cognitive science behind Burial's "Dog Shelter." If you haven't picked up a copy of Untrue, it is a timeless must-have CD and vinyl format!

Burial - Archangel

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