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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ed Banger Starts Gay Trend

With Justice came the revival of the leather jacket, the handlebar mustache, Christianity and the mainstream popularity of would-have-been-otherwise unknown French musicians and artists. Even for those who aren't fans of Justice it's undeniable the impact they have had on 2007/08. That being said...Justice might be the new Chuck Norris. The only reason Justice would have sex with men is if they ran out of underage girls at their concerts. The only people that are worthy of Justice cock are those equal on the Ed Banger-ometer, like SebastiAn. I heard that the only way to fully understand Cross is to take it in the ass from Justice while listening to their live sets backwards. FMLY, believe it or not, had a nice chat with Pedro Winter aka Busy P aka Daft Punk manager aka owner of Ed Banger at Coachella which is why we feel close enough to the camp to reveal these secrets. Will anal sex among hip straight males wearing leather jackets donning the handlebar mustache become big in '08?

[image via LastNightsRegret]

Speaking of buttsex, did you happen to catch the anus pic on LastNight'sParty?

Sidenote: FMLY FRNDs Anamaguchi are on the cover page of Oh My Rockness' New York section.

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