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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A few last notes...

So there have been a couple of things that I've failed to report on today assuming that I didn't need to. Then I realized that there is ALWAYS need to!

Lil' Wayne's Tha Carter III is set for release in June. The cover art features Weezy F. Baby as Yeah, it's actually a Lil' Wayne baby photo. Expect this to be in the running for album art of the year - it is on our end.

FMLY fav, MC Spank Rock, has been hospitalized. If you went to Coachella hoping to find Naeem more fucked up than ever and ready to grace an audience with his over-the-top hypersexualized dance-hop like I was, then you were sadly disappointed to find that he had been replaced with a 30 minute Devlin and Darko DJ set followed by a 20 minute Amanda Blank set - both of which you could easily see on a nearly weekly basis in NYC. What happened is that Naeem was rushed to the hospital only an hour before he was scheduled to appear, "you know Spank Rock is always ready to party but this time the party got him," says partner in crime and apple of my eye (along with Santogold), Amanda Blank. Whatever happened to him must be serious because he underwent some type of surgery on Monday and is still in a Palm Springs hospital. Our thoughts are with you Naeem, you'll be pounding Smirnoff and blowing rails onstage again in no time!

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