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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV

If you have a video game system compatible with the new Grand Theft Auto then I really have no idea why you're reading this blog right now. The graphics in Liberty City are spectacular as well as the game-play, but for a moment I'd like to talk about the great choice of music. I'm not familiar with the game as I've never had a system that would allow me to take part in such an awesome idea, but I get the basic idea. In the game there are radio stations with DJs, but in this case the stations are so distinguished and were curated by actual DJs such as Francios K, Juliet Lewis, Iggy Pop, Daddy Yankee, etc... The DJs narrowed their selection so well that the game features music from SebastiAn, Kavinsky, !!!, Cheeseburger, The Black Keys, Boys Noize, Bad Brains, Aphex Twin, K.I.M., Simian Mobile Disco and possibly the most talked about - not necessarily in a positive way - group on the FMLY blog, Justice. To check out the full list of radio stations, DJs and tunes on your game, just click here.

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