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Thursday, April 3, 2008


FMLY's best friend (whether Carles likes it or not), Hipster Runoff, has made blog waves with his remix of Radiohead's "Nude." Just the other day I posted about the Radiohead remix contest that Holy Fuck had entered. Well, Holy Fuck is STILL in first place by quite a lot of votes, but Carles is in third and gaining. This is truly an incredible sight and maybe when this contest is over we'll see a change in remixing. You can hear Carles' voice on his "Nude" remix, but if you're a superfan of the blog like I, then you'll also notice that Carles' voice has also been featured in Party Time 2000's remix of Leolaw's "Good Fortune," a song about Mel Gibson. On blogs ranging from Gorilla vs Bear to FMLY friend Pretty Much Amazing, Hipster Runoff will be big in '08.

Hipster Runoff is the next Led Zeppelin.

Radiohead - Nude (Hipster Runoff Remix)

EDIT: It is not CRLS's voice on "Good Fortune," just a bud from high school.

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yo the voice in good fortune by the leolaw is most definitely Carles.
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