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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Last Animal Collective Post For A While

I realize that I post A LOT about Animal Collective, especially as of late. Currently I'm writing my final paper on the human perception of "Peacebone," the first track from Strawberry Jam, so until anything major happens in the AC camp, this will be it for some time.

What I did want to briefly say - as I've said many times- is that Animal Collective absolutely blew me the fuck out of the water at Coachella. Unleashing an arsenal of new music at Coachella it was a monumental event to hear Panda Bear break out into solo and deliver "Comfy In Nautica," a track that defined my 2007. Animal Collective has big things to come in '08 but in '09 we will hopefully see a new release from Panda as well as Avey; I'm also curious to see what Geologist has in store as his role in the group has become more distinguished since the release of Strawberry Jam. AC closed their set with the enchanting "Brother Sport" where you can see much influence from Panda's move to Portugal as tropical sounds overwhelm the chorus in an ecstasy inducing manner. Please Avey, pass me the Strawberry Jam, prep the Water Curses EP and let me dig into what's next!

Animal Collective - Water Curses

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