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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


It has happened! The day of the RMXS of a RMX has happened and it sounds glorious! FMLY FRND PT2K RMXD HRO's RDHD RMX. It's danceable, it's classy, it's Purple Rain meets 8bit - it's the new era!

Hipster Runoff vs Radiohead - Nude (Party Time 2000 Made For Hype Machine Remix)
Radiohead - Nude (Hipster Runoff RMX)

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pt2k sold out after taking down 'still partying'

his mustache gets cum stuck in it
This comment has been removed by the author.
Y.O.F. blogged first / this track is besttest. / pt2k will never sell out
eggbert always approves pt2k. This track has been on heavy rotation as with the rest of his tracks have been recently/in the past.
im sitting in school watching osama bin ladin actin a fool

i seriously thought pt2k was the same guy from hipster runoff
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