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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Santogold at Virgin

[thanks Rafe Baron]
Alright, so I'm in love with Santogold, I believe in Santogold, I want to be Santogold's best friend...if M.I.A. and Rose hadn't both taken that position. After catching Santi's set at Coachella I was blown away by her charisma and the expression within her voice - it is as if she has an endless range that can extend as far as ears can hear. Last night at the Virgin Store was absolutely no different, her beautifully written world influenced pop was the perfect touch to a Tuesday night. Performing much of the same set that she did at Coachella, Santi was filled with an energy as if she had never let anyone hear these songs before. "I waited a really fucking long time to release this album," she tells a starstruck crowd, "but it was all worth it, dance!" You can catch Santi and the crew on tour in England come May - if you' swing from that part of the ocean.

Santogold - Starstruck

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