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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Red Band Weezer Album

["This is what Vampire Weekend is going to look like in 15 years." -P4k]

So as I countdown the days until one of my favorite bands in the world release their new CD, it is becoming more and more difficult to follow the hype around it. As you've heard, Weezer will release their long awaited (still no contest to Portishead) and now confirmed Red Album (Interscope) on June 17, just the week before my birthday. The photo above is the first press shot of Weezer taken in 2008.

Recap of the amazing music that has come or is to come in 2008:
My Bloody Valentine, The Teenagers, Vampire Weekend, The Dodos, Radiohead, Kate Nash, Animal Collective EP, Weezer, Portishead, Saul Williams, Throw Me The Statue, etc... What are more of your favorites?

Amazing music to come in 2009:
Daft Punk.

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