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Friday, May 16, 2008

El Guincho Is Your Favorite

To start, I'm definitely not writing a better post on el Guincho than Hipster Runoff did, so if you're interested in reading that it is right here. I've been noticing lately that not as many people as I believed know the magic of el Guincho, which is why he is on this blog. Since SXSW, the phenomenal performances of el Guincho have been all that bloggers are talking about. "El Guincho is the next Panda Bear, a genius of contemporary music" say music critics*. If you're unfamiliar, this is enough information for you to hold a decent el Guincho conversation: he is Spanish, pretty young but not that young, makes tropical 'animal collective-like' music which you could also refer to as world music or avant-ambient if you will and the album that everyone is listening to is called Alegranza!. If you want to be an 'in-the-know' kind of el Guincho fan you can spell the alias of Pablo Diaz-Reixa as el Guinco and not El Guincho, you can refer to el Guincho as Pablo in conversation, you can drop that he uses the Roland SP-404 which you can also found being used by Panda Bear and Geologist of Animal Collective as well as MadLib, J Dilla and MF Doom. Anyways, I think that's enough pretentious info on Pablo. To end, can you tell me what el Guincho means? Seriously, I don't know.

[mediafire is actin' a fool and i've gotta jet, here's Pab's vid for Kalise and i'll post the track later]

*not an actual quote

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“black-headed gull; scream, shriek; squeal, screech”

but I'm pretty sure it translates to "spanish noah lennox"
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