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Friday, May 16, 2008

Fucked Up Fridays

In an attempt to compensate for last Friday, I give you the aptly titled "Adios Motherfucker"--my strongest drink yet. Enjoy!

1. Gather your ingredients: (From left to right) Rum, Gin, Blue Curaçao, 7-Up, Triple Sec, Vodka, Tequila, a tall glass filled with ice, and a lemon.

2. Pour in an ounce of Vodka.

3. An ounce of Gin.

4. Ounce of Rum.

5. Ounce of Tequila.

6. Ounce of Blue Curaçao.

7. Add around 8 ounces with the Triple Sec.

8. Fill the rest of the way with 7-Up

9. Cut up some lemon wedges for garnishing.

10. Share with a friend and have a great Fucked Up Friday.


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