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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hannah Montana vs Lustra

[Uh-oh, more copyright issues for Miley?]

In the red corner is Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus with her song "Rock Star," which I think is a wholesome song about how Hannah Montana is Miley's rock star.

Rockstar - Hannah Montana

In the blue corner resides Lustra holding onto "Scottie Doesn't Know," a song popularized by the movie Eurotrip. Lustra has developed a career solely off of a single song and could stand to make even more.

Scotty Doesnt Know - Lustra

What's up is that Lustra is suing the Hannah Montana Corp for copyright infringement. The songs due song awfully similar, but it is bound to happen with chords that basic and a harmony that simple. We'll see what happens in court. FMLY drank beers with Lustra a few years back when they played the Oakgrove benefit show and showcased "Scottie Doesn't Know" twice in a row. Nice group of guys.

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