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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Moby @ Fox Studios

Fuck Daft Punk. Fuck The Rolling Stones. Fuck Radiohead. Fuck Roger Waters. Fuck Iron Maiden. There is one man in this galaxy that rings true to human nature, one man who speaks the absolute world. That man is Moby. Backed by a live band and switching between bass, guitar, and vocal duties Moby puts on one of the greatest live performances that you could ever imagine. Hearing "Natural Blues," "Porcelain," and "We Are All Made Of Stars" live with two female singers, a guitar, bass, keyboard and drummer reflects all beauty in life. If you're not a recreational drug user I would not advise seeing Moby, because his performance alone will get you fucked up. If you're attending the Electric Daisy Carnival on June 28th, do NOT miss Moby.

Moby - Porcelian

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