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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pocahaunted and Blackblack Friday

Did you have fun at Pocahaunted last night? Well now you can relive the magic this Friday at The Smell in Downtown LA. Check out Pocahaunted's excitement:

my babe of a roommate, cassie and her band of total babes--the vivian girls are here all the way from new york and they're epic, and tattooed.

diva and lola and luis of blackblack will def. be looking good (as always)

rachel and dorian aka: white and the writing are about to drop some knowledge

and shannon and lou, sparkle loving--zombelle, will blind you with their goodness.

and then there is us. we of course will confuse you, and tell jokes only we think are funny.

amanda and diva (crops and rawbers) are making wonderful summertime raw treats, so bring tons of cash. marie will be there to cut your hair, and we might even have a make your own lanyard station, who knows. just come.

Seriously, just come.

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