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Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Update

A lot went down in the indie music community this weekend and slowly but surely I'll catch you up on all you need to know.

First, Santogold released a new song via RCRD LBL that does not appear on her album; I'm assuming it's a b-side.
Go here to download it.

Los Angeles' No Age added all tracks from their forthcoming Nouns to be streamed on their MySpace.
Click here to listen.

Are Animal Collective racists? Click here to read a load of bullshit.

Kria Brekkan aka wife of Avey Tare (David Portner) from Animal Collective aka ex-Mum member has released a b-side from Wildering entitled "Gömul Vísa Um Vorið."

CSS released a new song, "Rat Is Dead," from their forthcoming Donkey. I'll post both Kria and CSS's tracks tomorrow as it's going on 4:30am and there's still much to do.

I'll leave you with my Coachella highlight and maybe the best live experience of my lifetime...even considering Daft Punk. For some people there are The Beatles or Metallica, but for me there is Animal Collective and even more, Panda Bear. Being able to see "Comfy In Nautica" develop unexpectedly before my eyes with my best friends right beside me was possibly one of my greatest life experiences. Now that can sight can be shared via Youtube. Please enjoy this clip of Animal Collective playing Panda Bear's "Comfy In Nautica."

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I introduce you to L.A.'s enchanting Pocahaunted.

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