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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stazi's Lemon Lips

So chances are that if you're a teen in Los Angeles then you know Stazi Kamikaze; whether it's noticing her at the Promenade or running into her at a party, I guarantee that she has played at least .001% of a role in your life thus far. At The Morning Benders concert the other night, bassist Timothy Rabbit mentioned to me that Stazi dabbled* in music under a Lemon Lips moniker. Well, I looked up Lemon Lips on MySpace and "dabble" is certainly a poor word choice. With six songs and 38,000 plays under her belt Stazi has the potential to become L.A.'s 'next hot thing,' and it doesn't hurt that her music is nice to listen to either. Someone give this girl some shows!

Lemon Lips - Peg Leg Suzy

*Tim did not say dabbled.

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