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Monday, May 5, 2008

White Rainbow

I really wish that I had some legitimate mp3's to share with you guys on this post but I don't and I'm sorry.
White Rainbow is Adam Forkner from Portland who makes very minimalist and primal music. If you're ready to chill hard then hit up White Rainbow's MySpace here to listen to a bunch of great tracks. Best described: If Health and Sigur Ros were making love to Animal Collective this might be what it would sound like. But in all seriousness I highly suggest that you check out a track -my favorite is "SUNSHADOWDRIFTER" and see if this is for you - mp3's to come! Until then, enjoy this video from an in-store at Family Records.

If you do visit White Rainbow's page and find that you're into the music then I highly suggest checking out Pocahaunted, Ecstatic Sunshine, Lucky Dragons and White Fang. I'll blog about all of these and more throughout the week so feel free just to wait.

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