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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

With A Buzz In Our Ears We Play Endlessly

FMLY favorite, Sigur Ros, has announced that their forthcoming, Með suð i eyrum við spilum endalaust / With A Buzz In Our Ears We Play Endlessly (XL), will be released stateside June 24. Released today is the LP's first single, "Gobbledigook." Containing a beautiful array of tribal melodies and primitive beats, this had become a personal favorite of mine. The album, co-produced by Sigur Ros and Flood, features contributions by Amiina, a track with 90 people singing, a mellotron and the group's first song in English. The artwork for the single can be found here and a clip of the NSFW video can be found here. I'm not sure how much of the album was inspired by Ryan McGinley, but from the looks of what we have so far you can expect an orchestrated mess of naked people in the new vid and maybe [hopefully] throughout the rest of the album. Ryan McGinley is an artist in New York City, you can check out his fantastic work here. In the mere hours that "Gobbledigook" has been online an overwhelming response has been received. Comparisons are already being drawn to Animal Collective's Sung Tongs leaving me to only hope for more of this music from Sigur Ros.

Tracklist for Með suð i eyrum við spilum endalaust

01. Gobbledigook
02. Inní mér syngur vitleysingur (Within me a lunatic sings)
03. Góðan daginn (Good day)
04. Við spilum endalaust (We play endlessly)
05. Festival
06. Suð í eyrum (Buzz in our ears)
07. Ára bátur (Row boat)
8. Íllgresi (Weeds)
09. Fljótavík (A place in Iceland)
10. Straumnes (A mountain near Fljótavík)
11. All Alright

Sigur Ros - Gobbledigook

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