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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Esau Mwamwaya Finishes Album With M.I.A., Vampire Weekend And Others

[Esau with Ezra of Vampire Weekend]

Malawi by-way-of London musician Esau Mwamwaya is certainly a name to pay attention to in 2008. Announced via a MySpace blog by Radioclit member Johan, the album that EVERYONE has been waiting for is complete, "hopefully a good lisence deal will be in place very soon and the madness can begin!!" The album features collaborations with Santogold, M.I.A. and Vampire Weekend just to name a few, I can't wait to hear more as the album finds a release. If you're in London or will be tomorrow, make sure to stop by the Notting Mill Arts Club to check out Radioclit and Esau Mwamwaya live.

What I love so much about Esau are his uplifting and inspiring interpretations of contemporary music. The tracks below feature Esau singing over the beats of Architecture In Helsinki's "Heart It Races" and M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes." Sporting one of the smoothest voices I've ever heard, it's quite alright that I have no clue what he is saying.

Esau Mwamwaya - Kamphopo (Heart It Races)
Esau Mwamwaya - Tengazako (Paper Planes)

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