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Friday, June 6, 2008

Flashback! Party Sequence

So for this week's Flashback! Party Sequence I'm celebrating the existence of Weezer (of course). What you have here today is a mash-up done by Georgia's own Immuzikation featuring Yelle and Weezer. However, not just any Weezer but "rare Weezer." "Jamie" was released on a Blue Album B-sides disc or if you're a fanboy, the much earlier released Purple Album. Mashed with "Jamie" is a Yelle song that I'm going to guess is called "J'aime" - I don't listen to Yelle, I just see her live in hopes of finding America's best tectonic dancer.

Immuzikation - Jeumie

In case you're not a fan of Yelle or Weezer then I'd like to offer a second track. Last month on BBC radio, Hot Chip covered Wiley's "Wearing My Rolex." It's a fantastic track, definitely one of my most played in the last month.

Hot Chip - Wearing My Rolex (Wiley Cover BBC Live Lounge 7th of May)

Next up...Fucked Up Fridays!

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