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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Franki Chan Releases Mixtape

[Frank looks all about Ben Sherman]
"Here's a new mixtape I made that was just released by NEW LOVE LOST RECORDS as part of their ongoing mixtape series. I actually made this mixtape a couple months back to go along with a just released article on IHEARTCOMIX in DAZED & CONFUSED, but it ended not working out for that one (we've made something else instead), so I'm really happy NLLR gave it a home. It's simpler that the over the top production of the IHEARTCOMIX/SCION mixtape, but is a closer representation of how I play live."

Franki Chan - No Love Lost Mixtape


01. Acid Girls - “Palms (Joe and Will Ask? Early Draft Remix)”
02. Classixx - “Cold Act Ill (Extended Mix)”
03. Kill The Noise - “Hey You (Le Castle Vania Remix)”
04. 30hz - “Daddio (Miles Dyson Remix)”
05. The Presets - “My People (DIM Remix)”
06. Ocelot - “Our Time (Calvertron Remix)”
07. The Count & Sinden - “Beeper (Fake Blood Remix)”
08. Treasure Fingers - “Cross The Dancefloor (Laidback Luke Remix)”
09. Fake Shark Real Zombie - “Designer Drugs (Designer Drugs Remix)”
10. Chromeo - “Fancy Footwork (Crookers Remix)”
11. Heartsrevolution - “Switchblade (LA Riots Remix)”
12. Top Billin - “My Girl Wants”
13. The Loungin Kollective - “Riddim Come 4ward (Herve’s Fire Pon Dem Remix)”
14. Alphabeat - “Fantastic 6 (Radioclit Remix)”
15. Sebastian Tellier - “Divine (Ocelot Vs. Bird Peterson Unfinished Remix)”
16. Digitalism - “Pogo (Beni’s Reedit, Rework, Remix)”

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