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Friday, June 13, 2008

Fucked Up Fridays

The Mint Julep: Great Gatsby Style

1. Gather ingredients: bourbon whiskey, soda water, confectionery sugar, mint leaves, ice, measuring cup, and a wooden spoon or something to muddle the mint leaves with.

2. Crush some ice.

3. Fill your glass halfway with ice and place 6 sprigs of mint in your glass.

4. Add sugar to taste.

5. Muddle the mint and sugar over the ice, then let stand for a bit to allow the broken leaves to release their flavor .

6. Add 3 oz. of bourbon then the fill rest of the way with soda water.

7. Stir.

Cool off from that summer sun, just how F. Scott Fitzgerald intended! Enjoy and I'll see you next Fucked Up Friday!


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