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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Girl Talk Releases New Album This Week

This is the moment that DJs, industry workers, party-goers and pretty much anyone who has ever taken a breath of a dancefloor has been waiting for. No, not another free Moby concert, but the release of Girl Talk's fourth LP, Feed The Animals.

"I finished it Tuesday night (June 10)," says Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk in an interview with P4k Media, "and the guy who has mastered all my albums is starting the mastering process today. He promised me he'd be done by Monday, so that would give me maybe a couple days to listen to it, but I imagine it will be on the internet by Wednesday or Thursday [June 18 or 19]."

I feel like I'm waiting for 2009's Coachella lineup. For fans of Girl Talk, you know who you are, there is a mystery track on his myspace called "I." Head over there and take a listen to the slower than comprehensible mash of sound. If you keep listening there's a repeated soulful voice belting "Giiiiiirl Taaaaalk." Also, take notice of the completely black MySpace page. What could possibly be in store for our ears? If you were planning on having a party this weekend, no need to hire a DJ. It's time to Girl Talk.

Bonde do Role - Gasolina (Girl Talk Megamix)


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