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Monday, June 2, 2008

Free Beer and Music

Luca "Drop The Lime" Venezia is a staple in the New York club circuit. Throwing his own brand of Chicago-house and grime on the dance floor you should not pass up the chance to see this Diplo-approved musician for FREE, especially if there is an open Colt 45 bar. If you're unfamiliar with Drop The Lime then perhaps you're fond of Luca's other moniker, Curses!, where much of the music is focused on intense house vocals. Familiar or not, check out tonight's event, it's going to be the hippest shit on a Monday night. It's a shame that B-more legend Red Foxx has to compete at IHEARTCOMIX's Still Fucking Awesome. Check out the MySpace and make a decision for yourself...or since they're free, go to both!

Drop The Lime - I LOVE NY
Red Foxx - Let It Drop (Chopped & FX edit) (A MUST HAVE)

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