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Monday, July 28, 2008

7/27 - Mt Egypt. Mollusk.

If you know Benway records then you know the devastation that was brought to Venice when one of our greatest record stores was forced to move to a Santa Monica location. Fortunately, the new occupiers of the Windward Circle space happen to be a group of great people who run a surf shop known as Mollusk. Home to frequent art exhibits, musical nights, a real live treehouse and a small but incredible music selection ranging from The Microphones and Her Space Holiday to Bonnie "Prince" Billy and The Tyde, Mollusk is undoubtedly a hotspot to watch out for. Last night I drove over to the shop to check out Blackblack and Mt. Egypt, it seemed like a logical thing to do since I live within a mile and am into music. Unfortunately I missed Blackblack - this has happened multiple times now - but made it in time for a great seat to catch Mt. Egypt. Travis Graves is Mt. Egypt and boy could he get a message across. With beautifully written songs provoking a cross between Paul Baribeau and Decemberists emotions Travis captivated a large audience and I'm sure he won a few hearts that night. With a great backing band and now residing in Santa Monica, Mt. Egypt is a local beauty to discover and feast your ears upon.


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