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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Movie Corner - Kabluey!

[Noah Klein, me, in the Kabluey suit, pictured with writer/director/actor Scott Prendergast and actress Angela Serafyan]

So while everyone is talking about the Dark Knight - myself included - allow me to introduce you to what I'm putting my money down as the best movie of the year. Kabluey, which is loosely based on director/writer/lead actor Scott Prendergast's sister, follows the average life of Inept Salman. Salman isn't a very bright man, not a very motivated man, and is not good with kids. When he hits rock bottom and has to move in with his sister-in-law and absorb her "motherly duties" while his brother is fighting in Iraq, all hell breaks loose in an 'indier' Little Miss Sunshine Fashion. Check out the trailer below and then go check out Kabluey, it's currently playing in Los Angeles at the Sunset 5 and the Regent Showcase.


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