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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Railcars Release EP

A girl introduced me to Aria C Jalali a couple of years ago, they were friends and she liked my taste in music. In trade, I introduced her to Meals for Children. FMLY blog readers are already familiar with MfC, but how familiar are you with Mr. Jalali? Some time back Aria changed his self-titled project to the band-friendly name of Railcars.

Railcars will release a new EP "around august 1st" titled Cities vs Submarines. The album was recorded as well as produced by Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart and will be released as a 500-run 7" vinyl as well as digitally via Berkeley's Gold Robot Records. The digital release will be $5 and tracklisting is as follows:
Side A:
1. there is ice; it is blue
2. saints are waiting for me outside my door
Side AA
3. concrete buildings
4. through the trees lay smokestacks
5. bohemia is without a sea

Head on over to Railcars MySpace to hear four new tunes.

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We just posted pre-order information for the EP. Should be out in a month or so! It's shaping up nicely.
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