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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thanks '08

Before you take another look at that last post let me bring up some music that you're probably not seeing on every other blog and hearing about from every other friend with an iPhone and/or an M.I.A. shirt; the two are definitely mutally exclusive. Here's a taste of my best of '08 with more to come so please download with care.

It has literally taken years for Baltimore's Beach House to grow on me, but they have and in a big way. Devotion was the breakout album much needed that I highly suggest all fans of The Velvet Underground, Grizzly Bear and The Kinks go out and buy. It's so difficult to pick a song from a flawless album, but here goes nothing...
Beach House - D.A.R.L.I.N.G.

I know, I know, Adele was on Entertainment Tonight and has been all over TV...well fuck that because I don't watch television other than Lost and she certainly has not been there. Adele has one incredible voice that should be shared with the world, it's just unfortunate that her presence is overshadowing Kate Nash who only rose to American fame earlier this year. Battle it out broads, we love ya. But seriously, the first time I heard this song I cried. Kinda like the first time I heard Kate Nash's "We Get On." Perfect for 'those' kind of mixtapes.
Adele - First Love

Adem has been a love of mine since his release of Love And Other Planets in 2006. This year the english folk artist and Fridge member went the way of covers with his release of Takes or as I call it, Adem Sings The Classics. I can't stress enough how important it is to know of Adem or how badly everyone who gives a shit about contemporary music needs to have Love And Other Planets. Here's a jam from Takes, it's a cover of The Breeders. Fun fact: Adem went to school with members of Hot Chip, Burial and many other talented individuals.
Adem - Invisible Man

Air France's No Way Down EP can't even be described in the English language. I love it. Everyone who hears it loves it. I'm just going to say it...unless Panda Bear, Blink-182, Marky-Kate Olsen or Animal Collective release an album before the end of '08, this will be my favorite album. With such lush compositions and orchestral backdrops I have no idea why you're not hearing Air France from each direction. Post-rave bliss...
Air France - No Excuses

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